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Can be a 5-Part Series

Stress is not a psychology problem, it’s a chemistry problem. In order to maximize our intellect and potential, we first have to optimize our chemistry, and then we can optimize our psychology. And we don’t have to be ace chemists to do it! This paradigm-shifting session unveils that it’s not about “managing” or “reducing stress” (which isn’t possible) rather how to be more resilient to the stress we all face. And we can easily do it with Jenny’s Micro Strategies, 60 seconds at a time

Resiliency Rx is a highly engaging and interactive program that helps your leaders, managers and teams

  • increase their awareness of how stress is affecting their physical, mental and emotional resilience, using real-time data
  • understand and approach stress from an entirely different context
  • utilize a broad set of highly effective Micro Strategies - each one grounded in the sciences of exercise physiology and psychology
  • design and execute customized action plans for immediately improving their resiliency

As a leading resilience expert, Jenny works closely with every client to design a customized program that targets and solves the needs of their people.

After this keynote, you and your team will...

  • Understand the physiology of the stress response and how it affects brain function, structure and chemistry.  
  • Learn how to utilize advanced, intellectual portions of the brain during stress instead of the more primitive, reactive ones. 
  • Improve your mental capital and cognitive performance: decision-making skills, focus, memory, attention and conflict resolution.
  • Enhance your ability to access positive emotional states while decreasing anxiety, negativity and reactivity.
  • Begin to deploy the 60-second Micro Strategies for resiliency, performance and health.
  • Actively tap into your internal pharmacy for neutralizing stress when you need a dose of natural calm and confidence.
  • Connect the power of purpose with chemistry, resiliency and engagement, so that productivity and balance hit new heights.
  • Clearly define what professional and personal success means to you.
  • Answer the ONE question that guarantees clarity, direction, commitment, prioritization and accountability both inside and outside of work.
  • Use neuroscience to hack your way to easy, positive, lasting once-and-for-all change.  
  • Leave with a customized action plan you KNOW you can implement no matter how busy.
  • Increase your threshold for stress.
  • Train your body and brain to recover from stress more quickly and efficiently.
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Take Action Strategy #1: Micro Bursts

Your Pharmacy For Stress in 60-Second Doses

Stress is not a psychology problem, it’s a chemistry problem. In order to maximize our intellect and potential, we first have to optimize our chemistry. And we don’t have to be ace chemists to do it! This paradigm-shifting session unveils that it’s not about “managing” or “reducing stress” (which isn’t possible) but rather how to be more resilient to the stress we all face. And we can do it 60 seconds at a time.

  • Learn the physiology and neurochemistry of stress as a physical event…in a fun (yes fun!) and easily understandable way.
  • The hormones of stress: the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • The brain on stress: you are literally losing your mind.
  • Realize how stress negatively affects the body, brain, cognitive performance, focus, communication, and decision-making, as well as what can be done to improve cognition.
  • What is resiliency and how do you build it?
  • Introduction to the Micro Strategies of resiliency, confidence, and performance.
  • Build physiological resiliency: learn how to recover from stress more quickly and to raise your threshold for it.
  • Manage your internal pharmacy for stress and learn how to access it.
  • Gain knowledge to self-restore the chemistry of your brain, body, and mindset in less than 60 seconds.
  • Get ideas on how to improve your resiliency for future stressors.
  • Gain ways to increase your energy capacity to deal with the multitude of demands you are faced with on a daily basis.
  • Get Play It Out: how to use the stress response to your advantage.
Take Action Strategy #2: Micro Beliefs

From Overworked, Overwhelmed & Overstressed to On Fire, On Purpose & On Your Game

Getting clear on purpose is essential for resilience. Research shows that people who lack purpose in life have a higher incidence of depression and anxiety and that they’re less resilient to traumatic events. Insight and deep knowledge of beliefs are also essential for performance in business and life. It immediately creates a sense of clarity, direction, and accountability necessary for making important decisions in stressful times.

  • Understand the connection between sense of purpose and your chemistry, resiliency, and engagement.
  • Establish clarity on how you define success professionally & personally.
  • The answer to the ONE question that guarantees clarity, direction, commitment, prioritization, and accountability both inside and outside of work.
  • Learn about neuroplasticity of the brain, storytelling, and how to strengthen stories that work as well as get rid of stories that prevent engagement, action, and accountability.
Take Action Strategy #3: Micro Climates

No Willpower, No Problem: How to Easily Automate Lifestyle Changes 

Why is behavior change so darn hard??? The intellectual part of our brains understands the importance of change, innovation, flexibility, and being adaptable, but there’s often a huge gap between KNOWING and DOING. This session eliminates those gaps completely! Participants will learn how the brain responds to change, why willpower rarely works, and how to make a lasting change once and for all. They’ll learn fool-proof strategies for implementing what they’re learning in order to make real, long-lasting change.

  • Understand how and why change creates stress, changes our chemistry, and makes behavior change almost impossible.
  • Learn why willpower is not a reliable tool for making change.
  • Grasp how environment affects our choices and behavior.
  • Master how to make change “so easy a caveman could do it”.
  • Explore how to create microclimates conducive to change in all areas of your life: Optimal Defaults.
  • Receive over 100 ways to successfully implement change and the secret to making these changes permanent.
Take Action Strategy #4: Micro Meals

Take a Bite Out of Stress

We all have to eat every day, and our choices are often affecting our chemistry and levels of stress without us knowing it. In turn, our chemistry and levels of stress affect the food choices we make. It’s a cycle of stress many people are on. This new and different perspective on nutrition helps participants understand how to eat in a way that optimizes their chemistry, energy, cognitive performance, focus, and health…and that it’s easy and convenient to do. They’ll walk away excited and empowered with a new set of tools for feeling better both psychologically as well as physiologically.

  • Learn the physiological connection between nutrition and the big five: stress, cognitive function, mood, decision-making, and appetite.
  • Uncover how you may be putting stress into your mouth multiple times a day.
  • Understand the ways that chemical and biological feedback loops can have serious negative consequences on your focus, concentration, productivity, energy, sleep, health, and weight … and how to break them.
  • Discover how to eat in a way that minimizes stress on the body as well as increases your levels of productivity, performance, energy, and health.
  • Realize how the environment shapes your food choices and how to use this to your advantage.
  • Grasp why willpower doesn't work when it comes to nutrition, and what to use instead.
  • Eat for resiliency in a way that's convenient, easy & sustainable: how to use these strategies so that no matter what food you have available, where you live, your travel schedule, or whether you cook, you can be resilient during trying times.
Take Action Strategy #5

Put Your Stress to Bed

Quality sleep is the foundation for resiliency, performance, and health, yet more than half of us struggle with it on a nightly basis. When we’re stressed, it’s even harder: it creates a vicious cycle of being stressed about not being able to sleep, which makes it even more difficult. Participants will learn how to create the right chemistry and environment for great sleep.

  • Understand how sleep issues are not just a nuisance, but also negatively affect the chemistry and physiology of your brain and body.
  • Discover the connection between quality sleep and learning, memory, mood, energy, hormones, health, and longevity.
  • Learn sleep hygiene strategies that will improve the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling more resilient, engaged, positive, and focused.
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