Imagine feeling in control, focused and grounded…despite the chaos and complexity of trying to balance work and life. You were told you could “have it all”, but all you seem to have is anxiety, overwhelm, and stress.

Imagine feeing confident, connected and full of possibility…despite the pesky inner voices that tell you you’re falling short, you’re not enough, and you suck.

Imagine feeling on fire, on purpose and on your game…despite the never-ending stresses of your demanding career and hectic personal life. Heck…do you even have a personal life anymore?


  • getting you ready for a special work project or promotion 
  • gaining awareness of the stories you tell…which ones are holding you back and which ones need to be strengthened to take you where you want to go
  • getting control of your inner dialogue
  • increasing your ability to deal with change
  • making you feel more comfortable with taking risk while becoming more connected and clear on your beliefs in order to live more purposefully
  • growing your confidence
  • taking better care of yourself
  • becoming more resilient to stress


  • Take action. Sometimes there’s a big difference between knowing how to do something, having the tools to do it, and actually doing it. We’ll get you going on small wins right away that quickly build momentum.
  • Create accountability. If you really want change to happen, you occasionally need someone to make sure you’re doing what you say you’re going to. I’ll keep your feet to the fire…in the most loving way possible, of course. Or perhaps more aggressively. It depends on what you need!
  • Gain insight. I ask probing questions that help you get to the root of your desires as well as what roadblocks are standing in your way.
  • Feel heard, empowered and excited. And sometimes uncomfortable. A lot will happen, and it will all take place in a safe, supportive space where you can take risk and be successful.
  • Understand you are not alone. One of the most important things I’ve learned in my years of working with people is this: as human beings we all pretty much want the same major things out of life, and we all pretty much struggle with the same major things in life. Our shared experiences and wisdom are invaluable.


Jenny Evans, one of the top personal development coaches

1. Just so you know, I’m not someone who just professes themselves to be a self-development coach — I have a coaching certification from Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the most reputable global coaching and development organizations.

2. This process is INTENSIVE. We will be in communication almost every day.

3. After our initial session where we establish clarity on your goals and what you'd like to accomplish, we have a 60-minute phone or virtual call every week.

4. In between each call you will execute on your action plan (that we design together) and journal daily on specific topics and questions. At the end of each day you'll send me a digital copy of your journals as well as how you did on following through with your commitments. I will provide feedback and ask further questions. You will be the driver of what we focus on.

5. Coaching packages start at $2500 per month. Sessions are billed one month at a time and it's completely up to you how long we work together. I require an initial commitment of three months to start and the typical coaching timeline averages about six months. I never lock anyone into a time-bound contract as everyone's needs are different. My goal is to give you the tools you need to be successful on your own, and as soon as you feel you're there, you are off and running!


If you’re interested, let’s talk. Please fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch.

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"I can’t recommend Jenny and her coaching practice highly enough. Jenny is compassionate, loving, non-judgemental, professional and highly competent. She’s not just steps ahead, she’s miles, which is EXACTLY what you want in a coach. Her ability to unlock negative thoughts you didn’t even know you had is profound, then coupled with the skill of guiding you gently but firmly to a place of change is genius. It’s been a liberating, joyful and invaluable experience." – Sophie D.

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“Jenny is an exceptionally talented coach. In the short time I’ve worked with her I can honestly say the strategies and actions I’ve learned through her coaching have been life-changing. Jenny is an impeccable professional – organized, engaged, responsive, very knowledgeable and deeply insightful. She blends this beautifully with also being a very real and relatable human. The coaching work I’ve done with Jenny has had a profound impact in many areas of my life, much more so than I could’ve anticipated. Working with Jenny has been one of best decisions I’ve made and I give her my highest recommendation.”
– Emily L.

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“Within a few months of working with Jenny, I am more clear on what’s important to me. My life is more closely aligned with my values. I’m less stressed, recover from stress much more quickly…and I am happier. I’m eating differently, working out more regularly, am significantly leaner, and have built a solid amount of muscle mass. It has been a total recalibration. One of the best decisions I have made. Jenny is a true catalyst!”  – Andrew E.

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“Jenny is a great listener and demonstrated incredible empathy in our work together. She used a variety of exercises and tools that helped me reflect on my experiences as well as role play to step into an improved, more confident version of myself. She was professional and extremely thoughtful in her analysis of the various situations I presented. I highly recommend Jenny.”
– Maria H.


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