What makes a great coach?


1. Deep, deep, (deep, deep, deep) listening.

I’m not just hearing what you’re saying, I’m also hearing what you’re NOT saying. How you’re not saying it. How you are saying it. The emotions behind it.

I’m also hearing that narratives you’ve created around what is and is not happening in your life. During our coaching relationship you’ll become more aware of these narratives and intentionally curate ones that help you achieve your goals.

2. Trust, confidentiality, and no judgement.

My clients tell me things they’ve never told another person. I take my role in our relationship as one of the most serious things in my life.

And it is not my job to judge you. In fact, you’ll feel a level of grace and understanding that you may have never felt before. You are not broken and there is nothing wrong with you. From the get go, my belief in what you are capable of (and will do) is top level. 

3. A professional who has a process and framework for success that is proven, repeatable, and is something you’ll be able to use on your own FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

I’ve been a performance coach for over 20 years and I know what works. I’ve seen what works (and lots that doesn’t work). This is what I’ve studied, this is what I’ve practiced, and this is what I know. And I can’t wait to share it with you because it has the capacity to CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

I love when my clients confess they start thinking “What would Jenny have to say about this?”, because they’re starting to catch thoughts and behaviors that used to be unconscious. By the end of our time together you’ll be able to self-coach yourself.

4. Unlocks what is holding you back.

When my clients come to me, they’re often struggling with a specific problem or two. What they come to understand is that they have underlying ways of thinking that not only are responsible for their current challenges, but are also universal road blocks that are holding them back in multiple areas of their lives. SHABAM!

5. Intensive support.

You came to me because you want something different. You want change. You want improvement. And you need help.

We are committed to the process and to each other. This is not for everyone. This process is only for people who want real change and real progress!

6. Helps you get clarity, direction and accountability.

You will have a level of clarity about yourself and your life you’ve never had before. It will become crystal clear who and what should be getting your full and best energy and who should not. Your motivation will come from an internal source where you are being pulled to take right action instead of trying to convince yourself you “should” or are “supposed to.”

7. Introduces you to your best self.

Your best self is already inside you. It’s there right now and it’s always been there. It’s just that it may have gotten bogged down along the way. It might have gotten exhausted, ignored or locked away.

I’m going to help you bring it back to the surface.


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“Mid-Life un-paused by Jenny. I woke up one day thinking to myself, I’m at the top of my career, I have two beautiful boys and a good marriage, why do I still feel “blah”? As life would have it, I attended a resiliency workshop that was led by Jenny. I loved her energy and found her very pragmatic in her approach. Inspired by the session, I reached out to Jenny and asked if she would be open to taking me on as a coaching client. As a coach, Jenny was supportive, insightful, candid and most importantly, she taught me what personal accountability meant. No excuses. What a difference coaching has made in my professional and personal life – I have a clearer sense of who I am, I have re-gained control of my life, I set boundaries, I am more present and I now make exercise/health my top priority. I am thankful for the life-skills that Jenny has taught me and I now look forward to living out my best every single day!”

- Linda O.


If you’ve haven’t caught on yet, I just described myself above. 😄  But there’s more. 



I mentioned I have a proven, repeatable framework. AND I HAVE THE DATA TO PROVE IT.

At the beginning of our time together you’ll take my online Resiliency Assessment for us to see your baseline starting point. At the end of your time together you’ll take it again. 100% of my clients see improvements mentally, emotionally and physically.


I’ve worked with top leaders and performers at Pepsi, Comcast, CVS/Aetna, Deloitte, Kraft Heinz, Nationwide, Target, US Bank, and Kimpton Hotels to name a few.

Decision-makers at some of the most successful companies and organizations hire me to work with their top people and solve their organizational problems. Yale School of Management is a repeat client. I’ve spoken in arenas of 17,000 people. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years.


I was that person in high school that everyone confided in. Even people I didn’t know that well. I’m the person that gets nominated to be the trusted leader of a group. I’ve had some of the most deep, profound conversations with taxi drivers in the 10 minutes I’ve been in their back seats. I’m known in my friend group for always asking the most deep questions that ignite hours of profound and meaningful conversations (which are my favorite!!!).

I can’t help it. It’s just who I am and what I love.


One of the majors I graduated college with was Psychology.

I had the honor and privilege of working alongside Dr. Jim Loehr and Dr. Jack Groppel - two of the top performance coaches and sports psychologists out there – at The Human Performance Institute for over 13 years. I’m proud to say I was one of their top performances coaches.

I’m a certified group coach by Coaches Training Institute.

I’m a life-long learner who has done a lot of continuing education.



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