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How To Get Back To Sleep In Minutes sleep Apr 11, 2024

Do you wake up and then have trouble getting back to sleep? Me too! What you're facing is actually a 2 part problem. Here are 5 easy and effective ways to get back to sleep quickly.

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How to Fall Back Asleep Quickly

Am I the only one...

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How To Protect Yourself From Stress energy journaling stress Mar 20, 2024

Are you ready to take control of your stress & overwhelm? Don’t wait for life to slow down - because it’s not going to. Start guarding your peace & well-being and stop letting stress dictate your life!

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How To...

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Why your female leaders are struggling and what you can do about it burnout stress women Mar 07, 2024

“It’s like my husband is an artist in residence.”


This was my coaching client Sandra’s (not her real name) response after making a list of all the responsibilities she had as communications manager, wife, and mother (see below)



and comparing it to her...

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How to Find More Peace boundaries change energy mindset purpose Feb 21, 2024

If I offered you $1 million dollars, but you’d have to give up your sense of peace, would you take it?


If I gave you the top of the line version of your dream car, but you had to sacrifice your peace, would you accept it?


If you could have the house of your dreams, but you had...

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Overcome Perfectionism With 2 New Strategies For A Better You mindset perfectionism positive self-talk Jan 29, 2024

In our personal growth journey, we can struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism. In this video, I share insights and real-life experiences to guide you towards a more compassionate and realistic approach to self-improvement.

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