The Fastest Way To Rid Yourself Of All Types Of Stress Is To Use These Cards


We All Experience Stress All The Time Sometimes 😜

So what can you do about it?

⇨ Hit the Deck cards train you to recover from stress faster and build your resilience to future stressors

The short bursts of activity mimic fight-or-flight and restore the chemistry of your body & brain 

 Raise your threshold for stress

Get a great workout by elevating your heart rate and challenging your muscles

Hit the Deck also improves your fitness, health and sleep!


Author, Speaker, Resiliency Expert & Consultant with a transformational, comprehensive approach to resilience.

I know scientifically what stress does to throw you out of whack and what you can do physically and mentally to reclaim wellness in your life!

What You Get With Hit The Deck Cards

Hit the Deck, resilience activities

 A programmable interval timer

 35 exercise cards with three different intensity levels to mix and match for endless variety and intensity
 Each category includes 10 cards with instructions and diagrams
 A Six-Week Get Started Plan that guides you through six weeks of prescribed workouts for optimal results
 Nutrition recommendations for resiliency, performance and health

How It Works

When you are feeling stress, overwhelm, or burnout GRAB A CARD.

Do the move as many times as you can for 30-60 seconds.

If you have more time, pick another card and keep moving.

Enjoy the relief that comes when you redirect the stress where it belongs!


This can also become your complete fitness routine and since you only need your body weight you can do these without going to the gym!




Hit The Deck Cards


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 A programmable interval timer

 35 Exercise cards with instructions and diagrams

 A Six-Week Get Started Plan that guides you through six weeks of prescribed workouts for optimal results

 Nutrition recommendations



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What Hit the Deck Can Do For You

• Help you to lose weight, burn fat, and add muscle tone
• Provide you cardio AND weight training exercise at the same time
• Improve your overall levels of fitness and wellness
• Allow for flexibility – workouts can be any length desired
• Offer variety by providing a wide range of effective exercises.
• Deliver an excellent workout with no fitness equipment
• Provide a great way to cross-train
• Expand your ability to handle and recover from stress
• Improve the quality of your sleep

You can:

• Get an efficient and effective exercise session when you travel
• Perform it any time, anywhere — you don’t have to belong to a gym
• Increase intensity by adding time
• Raise intensity by increasing the number of total exercises done
• Increase intensity by repeating the rotation of the selected exercises
• Do it with a workout partner or group
• Make it a family game!

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“It’s one thing to have great credentials and get endorsements of a product. It’s yet another to have someone speak from a perspective of experience. I have the great fortune to work with Jenny Evans for the past several years, jointly working with numerous Fortune 500 companies. She has the uncanny ability to apply very solid scientific information in a way that any busy person can use. That’s why I believe in this product that Jenny has created. First, the product is based 100% on sound scientific evidence. Jenny truly understands the connection between the hormones released during stress and how to recapture energy quickly. This variable workout is great for someone just starting out and it can also be employed by an advanced exerciser. Without question, you will get a very efficient and effective total body workout!”

Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D., FACSM
Co-Founder Human Performance Institute, Inc., Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine