Can I Just Rant For a Minute?

messages Aug 06, 2009

 I literally have a "pet" peeve that I'm seeing more and more of:  people who carry their dogs on walks or push them in dog strollers.  

Wha?!  Dogs have 4 legs.  They should use them. 

For real - dogs are wandering, hunting, traveling pack animals.  They need lots of exercise.  Probably even more than humans do.  

Unless your dog is missing 3 of it's legs or has a medical issue, PUT IT DOWN and let it walk.  It needs to walk.  You'll be doing it a favor.

On my bike ride on Friday I saw three instances of dogs being carried.  One was a golden retriever in a pull behind lorry thing, one was a chihuahua in a specially made playpen on the back of a recumbent bike and the other one was riding in a side panier on the back wheel.  Okay, the smaller can't keep up with a bike, but the golden retriever?  C'mon!  It would be in heaven running along side, as long as it was not for 20 miles.

Put.  Down.  The Dog.  



On another note, while I was looking for images I came across inspiration for how to create my niche in the aerial performing market:

I'm We're available for your next corporate event, birthday party or bat mitvah.


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