Steps toward happiness

Cracking the Code of True Happiness

happiness Jun 26, 2023

Society tells us things like status, money, power, and titles are the ultimate measures of success and happiness. But do these external markers really make us happy?

Take a step toward your own happiness today by watching this video and cracking the code to what truly makes you happy!


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What Makes You Happy?

Are you tired of chasing after societal ideals that promise happiness and success but often leave you feeling empty? In this eye-opening video, we dive deep into the flawed beliefs that dominate our culture and unveil the real keys to genuine fulfillment.

And we mix things up this week by hitting the streets (Jenny On The Street?) to have thought-provoking discussions with people who share their perspectives on what truly matters in life.

Society tells us that status, hierarchy, and the accumulation of wealth are the ultimate measures of success and happiness. And we spend a lot of our time and energy in pursuit. But do these external markers truly make us happy? According to the people we talked to – and the latest data from Global Happiness Report – the answer is no.

The Global Happiness Report provides an annual panoramic view of happiness across nations and reflects on our collective well-being on a global scale. It reveals the top five factors that contribute to our happiness are:

  1. Physical health and well-being
  2. Mental health and well-being
  3. Fulfilling relationship with partner or spouse
  4. Feelings that our lives have meaning
  5. Children
  6. Living conditions
  7. Personal safety & security
  8. Feeling in control of our life
  9. Being in nature
  10. Meaningful job

It turns out that deep down, we all desire many of the same core things: having food on the table, nurturing relationships, healthy children, supportive friends, a comfortable place to live, and meaningful work that fills us with pride.

So, where did money fall on the list? It ranks at #11, highlighting that there are far more important factors at play.

And what ends up at the very bottom of the happiness scale? Spending excessive time on social media.

So…it might be time to close out and go do something to nurture your true happiness.

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