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Guided Gratitude: a 60-Second Blast of Happiness gratitude happiness stress Aug 11, 2023

Uplift your mood, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being in just 1 minute! We're going to take a moment to list the things you're grateful for and experience the powerful shift in your perspective and mindset. Are you ready for a blast of happiness?


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Cracking the Code of True Happiness happiness Jun 26, 2023

Society tells us things like status, money, power, and titles are the ultimate measures of success and happiness. But do these external markers really make us happy?

Take a step toward your own happiness today by watching this video and cracking the code to what truly makes you happy!



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From Stuck to Unstoppable: The Magic of Making Micro Changes Every Day change confidence happiness micro strategies Mar 06, 2023

Do you feel like you're stuck and can't get motivated?

What if I told you that one small action could change everything?

Watch to see how you can get momentum and create a sense of control in your life with just one small, easy step.


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5 Easy Ways to Increase Serotonin and Boost Your Happiness chemistry happiness resiliency stress Feb 20, 2023

Think of serotonin as your inner DJ, setting the tone for your mood and energy. Increasing your levels of serotonin makes you feel happy, confident, and calm.

Here are 5 easy Micro Strategies to boost your “happiness hormone.”


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You're One of the Most Amazing Cactus That Ever Lived confidence happiness mindset Oct 10, 2022

Just in case you need to be reminded, you're not special like me. You're special like you.


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