How to connect more with others

Guided Exercise to Strengthen Your Social Connections and Community

community resiliency Aug 21, 2023

Social connection highly impacts our well-being. When we feel connected we make healthier choices, our mental & physical health improves, we're better able to cope with difficulties, and it reduces stress & depression. Join me for this exercise to create more connection in your life.


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Increase Your Sense of Belonging

When my wife and I were moving to San Diego and trying to figure out where we wanted to live, I pulled up this exact map:



See the red circle with F45 Training North Park in the middle? We decided to live within biking distance of this exact spot because we knew this gym would be the foundation of our new community and sense of connection.

Within weeks we met the core of our friend group that has increased our love of San Diego and quality of life tenfold. I look forward to my morning workouts because I get to see my friends at least 5x per week here. How awesome is that?!

As humans, we’re wired to connect, and this connection affects our health. In fact, it’s such an important pillar of “lifestyle medicine” that the current US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association have designated social connection as a public health priority!

Research shows that when we’re socially connected and have stable and supportive relationships, we’re more likely to make healthy choices and to have better mental and physical health outcomes. We’re also better able to cope with hard times, stress, anxiety, and depression. AND we even live longer!

Being socially connected can be many things: having meaningful and regular social exchanges. A sense of support from friends, families, and community. A feeling of belonging. Having close bonds with others. Feeling loved, cared for, valued, and appreciated by others.

So here’s what I want you to do RIGHT NOW:

  1. Think of someone you want more connection with
  2. Pick up your phone
  3. Send them a text message, email or voice memo to:
  • let them know you’re thinking of them
  • let them know how much you appreciate your relationship
  • request their time to get something scheduled on your calendars – whether it’s a phone call, video call, or in-person

I mean, you’ve already stopped what you were doing in order to read this blog post, so reach out right now! Before you forget…or is that just me? I’m ALWAYS thinking about reaching out to people when I’m riding my bike. And when I get to my destination? No recollection of it. Until the next time I’m on my bike ðŸ˜–

Here’s to meaningful connection,


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