I promise this is not Amway…

messages May 05, 2009

I know that a lot of you have told your friends and colleagues about Hit the Deck™ and they have gone on to purchase their own deck.  Thank you very much and I appreciate the word of mouth advertising and referrals.  PowerHouse started over 15 years ago and has grown by offering great service that people talk about.

Instead of just a "thank you" I'd like to offer you something more.  Money!  I've just launched a referral program and if someone buys Hit the Deck through my site from a web link you send them, place on your site, blog, e-newsletter or email, I will send you $4 for every deck that is sold.  You don't have to do any shipping or billing - your job is to simply let people know about the product.

Here's how it works.  First, you need to have a PayPal account as this is where I will direct deposit your commission at the end of each month.  After registering to be an affiliate of PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ you simply place the link given to you in to an email, on to your website, blog, or e-newsletter that leads visitors to the PowerHouse Hit the Deck™ site, where they can make a secure, on-line purchase.  When people who have clicked on your affiliate link buy Hit the Deck™, you get $4 for every deck you sell - a 20% commission.

When you make a sale, the responsibility of processing and fulfilling the order is entirely the responsibility of PowerHouse.  It's hassle-free and there are no costs to you whatsoever.

If you are interested, click on the "Contact Us" page, let me know and I will send you the link to sign up!  Simple, easy and some extra spending money.

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