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messages Mar 09, 2010

Hello everyone.  It may seem like I've dropped off the end of the earth, but I haven't.  I was simply traveling to the far ends of it.  I've been on three different international trips that have occupied 24 of the last 26 days.  Though the trips were great, I'm happy to be home and back to a routine.

My partner Tiffany and I spent 2+ weeks in India on vacation - a trip that was on our 100 Things To Do Before We Die list.  (We make a point to cross 2 things off the list every year.)  We went to:

  1. Mumbai - Got to know the city and took a tour of the world's most densely populated slum - Mumbai turned out to be my favorite city.  Here's me playing cricket with some kids in the street.  I got a hit and kept my pride intact.
  2. Aurangabad - Went to see the Ellora Caves that were carved by Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monks between the 5th-12th centuries.  Crazy.
  3. Varanasi - Stayed on the Ganges River along the many ghats.  One of the holiest sites in India.  Here's a sadhu.
  4. Jaipur - These elephants were taking people up to Jaigargh Fort and we could have watched them all day.
  5. Agra - Of course we had to see the Taj Mahal - incredible.  That's us handbalancing in front.
  6. Delhi - Here are some of the powders that people throw at each other for the festival of Holi.  They also throw water balloons.  Of which I was the target of many.

It was an incredible trip that I'm still processing.  By far and away my favorite part of India is the people - so friendly, curious and amazing.  The food wasn't bad either!  I survived on almost no meat, and if you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know I've been trying to eat less of the red stuff.  I'll definitely be eating even less of it from this point forward.  I'm also happy to say our stomachs held up to eating the food street vendors sell - mmmmm.... samosas!

After India I was home for two days and then did a speaking engagement for Nestle Purina in Punta Cana.  After that it was a keynote in Cancun for Nationwide, for which my daughter came with and we had the chance to spend a couple of days on the beach, just the two of us. 

So now I'm back until Tuesday and then I'm off again.  I'll be back to blogging my regular schedule and keep your comments coming!


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