Yoga Links From Friday's KARE 11 Segment

messages Jul 24, 2009

From my segment on KARE 11 today:  Here are links to some yoga studios in Minnesota that offer various forms of Partner Yoga - enjoy!

Core Power Yoga offers Partner Yoga workshops at various locations.  Studio locations include Edina, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, Stadium Village and Uptown.

Thai Yoga Bodywork in St. Louis Park offers Yogi Date Night, Acro Yoga, and Thai Yoga for Couples.

Yoga Fresh in Woodbury is hosting a Thai Yoga Bodywork for Couple Workshop in August.

Sun Moon Yoga in Mankato has Thai Yoga Bodywork workshops.

Yoga Center of Minneapolis has Yogi Date Nights, Partner Yoga, Acro Yoga and Thai Yoga Bodywork for Couples

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