Will lack of purpose be YOUR cause of death?

purpose resiliency Sep 26, 2022

Were you aware of the connection between your sense of purpose and your odds of suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and even premature death?

Your life just might depend on watching this.

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Purpose is essential for resilience.

*Research has shown that people who lack clarity on their purpose experience more depression, more anxiety, and they are less resilient to traumatic events.

We are mission-specific creatures. We function best when we are on a mission that we know matters. And in fact, we're designed to self-destruct if we're not on a mission. Guess at which point in your life you are most likely to die of natural causes?


As a teenager?....

When you’re 83?....

You are most likely to die of natural causes within six months of retiring.

Think about that. Why does this happen?

Throughout our lives, we're trying to get to this finish line where everything's going to be so great. But in the meantime, it's work, work, work as we try to squirrel away as many nuts as possible.

And we are so busy collecting our nuts that we no longer have time for hobbies. We no longer  have as much time for friends. And so we finally get to the end…we’ve got all our nuts…and…………..that's it.

Wow! We quickly realize nuts are not really the thing that actually makes us happy and feel fulfilled.  So what the heck is missing?!


Purpose is the answer key to indecision. It solves pretty much every major problem in life. It fills us with the happiness and contentment that we are all looking for.

It makes us more resilient. And it's an almost endless supply of energy.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…..

Purpose is essential for resilience.

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