Like they need a hole in the head...

messages Jan 26, 2010

We're standing in line at the video store waiting to pay, (decidedly old school, but we needed something quick) and what do I see?



There are so many things wrong with this sign.  Where do I begin?

1.  Kids "NEED" candy.  Do I even "need" to go into my mom lecture about need vs. want?  I don't "want" to, but I will if I "need" to....

2.  In the United States 1 in 3 kids are overweight or obese.  ONE IN THREE, and the numbers are climbing at an alarming rate.  I have an idea:  let's tell them they need more candy.

3.  I Tweeted/Facebooked a link to this article last week about the fact that kids now spend over 7 hours a day with various forms of media like TV, computer and video games.  That's 53 hours a week, most likely sitting.  While they eat the candy they need.


Not to name names... but thank you Hollywood Video for helping our kids get the things they need.  

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