No animals died to feed me yesterday

messages Jun 09, 2009

I know.  I'm even more surprised than you are, though I can't really take full credit.  At the last minute a cow or pig was saved by a power outage.  (You can read my other posts on my love of meat here, here and here.)

Breakfast:  the usual.  Toasted organic hemp bread, organic peanut butter, organic jelly and ground flax seed.

Lunch Part 1:  had a meeting at Starbucks that went until 11:30.  I planned to go to yoga at 12:00 and knew I would never make it if I didn't eat something before hand.  I would have passed out, tipped over, hit the person next to me, resulting in a domino effect of many VERY sweaty yogis and yoginis.  Ew.  So I had a few bites of their Power Protein Plate or whatever it's called.  Love it, and apparently everyone else does too because it's always sold out at airports.  Here's what it consists of:  small whole wheat bagel, 2 triangles of cheese, a hard-boiled egg, 2 apple slices, peanut butter and purple grapes (which happen to be my all-time favorite food, not counting desserts).  

Lunch Part 2:  after yoga I ate the rest of the Protein Plate.

Lunch Part 3:  yes, I do eat all the time.  Zip it.  I ran a couple of errands after yoga and needed to stop at the grocery store on the way home to get a few things for dinner.  I was STARVING and planned to get something to eat - soup or something from the deli.  Well, one of the workers was standing outside telling everyone they were closed because the power was out.  Crap!  Fine.  I'll go home and nuke a wiener.  I get home and the power is out there, too.  I go in to serious scavenger mode and the only thing I can come up with is the leftover vegetarian Indian food from 3 nights ago.  Mmmmm.... cold rice and cold Indian food.  Satisfying.

Snack:  still no power, some organic corn chips and homemade quacamole, a few cherries and a couple of Starburst.

Dinner:  the power is back on, I get the ingredients at the store and make a killer tofu dinner.  I know.  Tofu?  This was so freakin' good!  I left out the pork and the ginger and was very surprised at how tasty this was - I will definitely make it again and I can't wait to eat the leftovers for lunch.  

No animals had to lose their lives to feed me, though I do acknowledge that some chickens and cows most likely lived their lives in less-than-optimal conditions to provide the egg and milk for the cheese.  Buck-buck! and Moo! to you.

I'm waiting for the overwhelming urge for a cheeseburger to strike.  We'll see.  

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