Not my finest moment….

messages Sep 21, 2009

We went for a run on Saturday afternoon along the usual route and about a 3/4 of a mile into it I wanted to walk.  I tried to put the urge out of my mind and just keep going - it's only 30 minutes of my life.  There was a serious battle going on in my head the entire time.  "I can't."  "Yes you can."  "This sucks."  "And?"  "AND as soon as we get to the stoplight I'm walking."  At about the 3 mile mark there's a stoplight, and I FORCED myself to keep running until the stoplight and then I told myself I would walk the rest of the way home.  We got to the light and here's what transpired:

ME:  That's it.  (pant, pant)  I'm done.

TIFFANY:  What do you mean?

ME:  I can't do this anymore.

TIFFANY:  What do you mean "this"?

ME:  This!  Running.  Biking.  Exercising.  I can't do it anymore.  I'm done.  I'm walking home.  You guys just go.  

(Insert "Go!  Save yourself!" scene from your favorite drama movie here.)    

TIFFANY:  (Treading very lightly)  You're fine.  We'll just walk until that next big tree up there.

ME:  NO!  I won't!  I'm done!  My body just won't do this anymore!  My last three workouts have sucked!  Blah blah blah whine whine whine WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

What the?!  

Did I just stop in the middle of the running path and pitch a fit?  

I believe I did.  

I have no idea why my body is not cooperating with me right now, but seriously, my last three workouts have REALLY SUCKED (see last post).  I really hope my body is getting the crappy runs and bikes out of the way in order for me to put in a phenomenal duathlon performance this weekend.  

Here's the moral of the story though:  for me WORKING OUT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.  Skipping workouts all together is NOT an option.   It WILL happen.  However, here's what IS negotiable:  the intensity, duration or type.  Having a crappy day?  Fine.  Do a shorter workout.  Do a type of exercise you like.  Decrease the intensity.  Do whatever you need to do, but DO SOMETHING.

How about you?  What do you do when you're thinking about skipping a workout? How do you make yourself do it?  Is it negotiable?  I'd love to know and I think everyone can benefit from the advice and wisdom of others, so leave a comment.

As for me, I'm going to yoga class today.  There's no pitching a fit in a peaceful room full of yogis and yoginis.  



By the way, I DID finish the run.

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