Sometimes we have to change our perspective

Rise Above: How to Find an Elephant...and Yourself

May 26, 2023

The final day of our expedition taught us a profound lesson about perspective: Sometimes we have to get to higher ground, both literally & metaphorically. Did we find the elephant we were searching for? Watch and learn how you can shift your focus & rise above!


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A Profound Lesson About Perspective


Here we are with the final installment of our Namibian adventures and our very last takeaway from the trip…

Sometimes we have to change our perspective.

It’s the last day of tracking and we STILL have not found this elephant.



We've been driving around looking at footprints, looking at poop, and on the final day we came upon a fairly large hill and one of the guides says, “Hey, how about we drive to the top to get a better look?”



We got to the top and lo and behold, what did we see off in the distance? But the elusive Porthos. We did it! We found what we were looking for!



What’s the takeaway for us? It’s that sometimes in our search,


1. We need to go to higher ground.

We need to rise above and get a bigger view of what's going on.


2. Or we may actually need a better or different view.

While it was helpful for us to be looking down and focusing on the details, it was also valuable for us to pick up our heads and take in the big picture of what was happening.


3. Or we may actually need an outside view.

We don't have to take these journeys alone. Maybe we get a coach or a mentor. We can get help! We're all on this journey and we're all in different places, but we've all also been to many of the same places as well.


The last thing that I want to say is…

You don't have to travel halfway around the world to find your purpose.

You don't have to sleep with scorpions.

You don't have to get sand in every crevice of your body.

Everything....everything you need for a successful journey is right inside you.



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