Difficult situations teach us about ourselves and others

The Dunghunter's Craptastic Journey to Filth & Fertility

purpose resiliency May 25, 2023

There is plenty of hidden value in crap! It's teeming with life and fertility. It tells you a lot about what's going on, and it's the fodder for new growth. Watch and learn the value of us digging around in our own crap and how it can steer us in the right direction.


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The Hidden Value in Crap

Five days of hauling rocks, making cement, and constructing a rock wall tested our limits, both physically and mentally. But there was some unexpected wisdom sprinkled into the mess and the grit.

Today’s lesson for life?

There is incredible value in crap.

In our journey to find a very specific elephant, we followed poop for days. Literally, sometimes all we saw was poop. (It started to feel like I was the lead in episode 27 of Dung Hunters.) And I started to wonder if this is what we came halfway around the world for…

But poop tells you a lot. If it’s really fresh, you know you're hot on the trail. If the poop is really dried out, you know you're not anywhere close. Also, elephant poop is convenient, ready-made compost. When you opened it up (that's right.... "when" you opened it, not "if"… ) you could see seeds growing inside after just 1 to 2 days. They're incredibly fertile. Also, elephants have horrible digestive systems - they only digest about 40% of what they eat. They eat a lot of seeds that don't get digested, so as they leave a trail of poop, they're actually distributing seeds and creating new growth.





There are 2 really important poop takeaways.

1. We all gotta dig around in our crap.

There's a lot of important information in there. What seeds are growing? What things need to be watered? What needs to be nurtured? What stinks and needs to be gotten rid of?


2. There's a lot of value in shitty situations.

Because the hard, difficult things are the things that actually teach us to grow the most. Difficult situations are fertilizer. We learn so much about ourselves, other people. We learn what we're capable of, and it's how we grow and learn.


Okay, so let's also talk dirty. How filthy did I actually get?

Disclaimer: so when it comes to my skin care, I'm all about my Clarisonic, my vitamin C, my retinol and my eye cream.

When we were building this wall out in the middle of the bush for five days, we hauled rocks, we mixed cement, we shoveled sand. There were sandstorms. It was hot, sweaty work, and there was no running water or shower.

For five days.

Talk about the resilience of humans and the human spirit. The first day you're thinking, “O-M-G, I'm crawling out of my skin. I'm so dirty.” (and you’ve got sunscreen all mixed in to boot) But by day 5, you're thinking, “Ehhh we're good. No problem. You know, these shorts that I've been wearing for the past 3 days, they’re just reaching that right seasoning level.” We are very, very adaptable and thank goodness for that.


And in case you're wondering, here's the bathroom situation.




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