Three Sage Pieces of Advice

messages May 13, 2009

I was having a lunch meeting the other week with someone in the wellness space and they asked me: "If you had to give just 3 recommendations for people, what would they be?"  I thought this was a great question and here was my answer:

1.  MOVE MORE.  Too much time is spent sitting in front of a computer, a television or in a car.  Our bodies were physiologically designed to move and our lack of movement is leading to a health crisis of epic proportions.

  • Turn off your t.v.  Does it really enhance your life in any way?  It disconnects you from having meaningful relationships (two people sitting in close proximity to each other, only acknowledging each other during commercial breaks).  It is a huge time waster.  Most people feel like they don't have enough time in the day.  I know a way you can get several more hours.  Turn it off!
  • Stop using escalators and elevators.
  • Walk or bike when you can instead of driving.
  • Go for walks - with friends and family or by yourself for some quiet time.
  • Create a standing work station.
  • I think you're getting my drift here....

Read more on this topic in my blog entry here.

2.  EXERCISE LIKE YOU MEAN IT.  Intensity is one of the most important factors in an exercise routine.  You should not be able to talk on your cell phone while doing it.  You should not be able to read a book.  You should not be able to text message.  Stop wasting your time.  FOCUS on your exercise session and make sure it is UNCOMFORTABLE.  Not comfortable, not painful, UNCOMFORTABLE.  If you are exercising in your comfort zone, no change or adaptation is going to take place in the body.  You must expose your body to slightly more stress than what it is used to in order for it to improve.  It's not so much the time you spend exercising, it's what you get done in the time you have.  Quality, not necessarily quantity.

3.  EAT SEVERAL SMALL MEALS AND SNACKS THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Spread those calories out and don't do the Sumo Wrestler Diet.  And I do mean small.  Eat to the point of feeling satisfied, not full.  If you are eating several times throughout the day, you don't need to be full at the end of each meal or snack - you'll be eating again in just a few hours.  Eating light and often keeps your metabolism running strong, preserves muscle mass, prevents fat storage, decreases the chance that you'll overeat, helps control cravings and gives you more consistent energy throughout the day.  You can read some of my nutrition posts here and here.

These three things are a great place to start.  Why not start today? Have you had a snack yet?  How long have you been sitting?  Really focus during your next exercise session and make it uncomfortable - make your investment worth it!

Go!  Go!  What are you waiting for?

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