The PowerHouse Collective: Hard Seasons

confidence Oct 20, 2016

The PowerHouse Collective interview with Katie Pretzel - part of Target's Population Health & Team Member Wellness, entrepreneur and color guru (full bio below). I love how she refers to her times of difficulty with confidence and life as "hard seasons". The words we use are powerful and important. Hard seasons reminds us that nothing is permanent. Not our discomfort, not our trying times, not our fear. Hard seasons get us in touch with our feelings and end up making us stronger in the end.

(My apologies for the strange sound quality - there was a jack hammer and full construction crew working right outside the window.)

I'm curious - do you have a way of thinking about your difficult times that helps you through? Leave a comment!

Since graduating from the University of Minnesota, Katie Pretzel has spent her entire professional career at Target Corporation in a variety of HR roles. She is currently on the Population Health & Team Member Wellness team where she leads internal team member wellness initiatives.

Along with her work at Target, she also has the honor of helping others discover their natural, God-given beauty with the work she does at House of Colour-Minneapolis. After discovering the power of color when she had her own color consultation, Katie knew she had to bring House of Colour to Minneapolis. It is a dream come true now that the studio is open for business!

Katie is passionate about spending time with family & friends, exploring Minneapolis, adventuring to places she's never seen before, being active, sewing, knitting & hand-written notes. She also tries to blog every once in a while at as well as love on little kiddos with her handmade pieces on

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