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Every year I come up with a phrase, word or mantra that defines how I want to be and feel in the upcoming year.  Sometimes it comes to me quickly and clearly, while other times it takes several weeks of reflection.

After going through multiple weeks of trying to get a renewed sense of clarity on exactly what it is I do, the problems I solve, and my desired feeling for 2019, it finally came storming into my chest during a powerful exercise I did on retreat with my mastermind group.

If you know me at all, you know I’m hard charging, love to push myself, have high personal standards, work hard and perceive myself as strong and powerful….a PowerHouse, damn it!

While I used to pride myself on this, it’s become not so fun.  I am clenching.  I am frustrated.  I am tense.  It’s all so serious.

And I realized I’m not having fun.

So then what’s the point?

In the myriad of conversations I’ve had with people in the last couple of months, I’m realizing I’m not alone in these thoughts.   A lot of you are stressed and clenchy.  You don’t want to be pushing so hard.  You're tired of it.  You want to ease up.  You want less resistance.  You want to be able to truly relax…to let your butt unclench…just a little.  Or a lot.

My word for 2019 is “ease”.

I want ease.  I want movement.  I want lubrication.  I want to be vapor.  I want to not want.

I don’t want to be the strong one.

I’m leaning back.

I’m letting go of the clenching.

This is the visual representation of "ease" my wife created for me. It's the screen background on my laptop to keep me anchored.  Your turn:  What is your word, phrase or mantra for 2019?

What do you want?

How do you want to feel?

  Please leave it in the comments.  

(The other phrase that came to me was “Jenny Evans: HAVING A F*CK TON OF FUN”.  I like this one, too.  There are no rules in this game, so we’re free to do whatever we want.)



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