Your Purpose Can Supercharge Your Resilience

purpose resiliency Dec 12, 2022

It may seem like knowing your purpose is a "nice to know" or "next level" aspect of life, but there's a huge body of research that proves how pivotal it actually is.

From resilience, to mental health, and how much money you make, it's one of the most powerful levers you can pull in your life!


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What is the connection between purpose and resilience?

I just wanted to have a quick chat about the connection and importance between purpose and resilience. If you've been in one of my keynote audiences, it's likely that you've heard me talk about purpose before and why it's so insanely important.

The thing is I don't talk about it a lot in videos because I feel it's such a big thing which makes it really hard to unpack in 2 minutes or less. But there is a huge, huge body of research on just how beneficial having clarity on purpose is, not just for resilience, but life in general.

Benefits of knowing your purpose

People who have clarity on their purpose are:

  • more resilient to stress
  • experience less anxiety, less depression
  • more engaged in the difficult day to day stresses and obstacles
  • have a more of a positive, optimistic mindset

It really ignites our passion and our persistence. Research also shows that it improves our immunity, it improves the quality of our health, and we actually live longer. (People die faster who don't have a clear sense of purpose.)

Why finding your purpose is important

Purpose creates a clear path and a clear plan in a world of chaos and change and ambiguity. Helping people get clear on their purpose is really the cornerstone of my executive-coaching process. It is the foundational game-changer to help people transform from overworked, overwhelmed, overstressed to on fire, on purpose, on their game. But I'm also seeing that right now, my audiences and tribe are really asking for it because we're still trying to figure out what this new normal is. There's still a lot of change.

And so now really is a great time to be intentional and purposeful on what you want your new normal to be, both in your professional life as well as your personal life.

So if you want some tools to get started I'm really excited to let you know that I am launching a six-week step-by-step framework for you to get more clarity on your purpose, to ignite your purpose, to create a clear path, a clear plan, and really be living a life that really sparks you.

So stay tuned for that, and I'll see you soon.

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