Embracing the "And"

change messages Jan 11, 2011

From a physical perspective, it hasn't been the best few weeks.

On November 1st I was doing the incredible stunt of going from sitting to standing when my back went out.  Really badly.  I've got scoliosis and deformed hips, so back issues have been a constant throughout my life, but this one was a doosie.  It went out at about 11:00 AM and I had to give a keynote at 1:00 PM.  Two days later I had to fly out and back to Dallas to do a half day speaking engagement.  I rode in a wheel chair through the airport.  It's now 27 days later and my spine is still not back to where it should be.
On Friday the 19th I had to go in for a liver biopsy - I've been on rheumatoid arthritis meds for over half my life and have a genetic liver condition, and wanted to know how the heck my poor liver has been holding up - and ended up with a partially collapsed lung from the needle accidentally nicking my right lung.  Anything faster than a grocery store aisle shuffle was incredibly painful - chest pain and a killer side ache.
I've been stressed about not being able to do my regular work outs.  It's how I manage my stress (good thing I was stressed about it) and the holidays is not a great time to be sidelined.
Yesterday I was finally ready to try something physical and went to yoga.  On the way there I was listening to "Being" on National Public Radio and the guest said "life is hard".  It got me thinking about the physical obstacles I've had this year - it seems like it's been one thing after another and I've been doing the best I can to adapt and keep moving forward.  I got into the yoga studio and there was music playing before class started.  One of the lines in the chorus was "life is hard".
Life IS hard.
There's always something to jump in our path.  Count on it.
Even though I wasn't able to work out with my lung situation, I walked at a snail's pace.  I walked a couple of times a day.  I kept my stretching routine.  I did some crunches.  I kept moving.
Embrace the "and".  Life is hard.  And?  What are you going to do about it?  You have a busy schedule.  And?  How are you still going to take care of yourself?  You travel a lot for work.  And?  How are you still going to find healthy food?  You're working through an injury.  And?  How can you still find ways to move?
Over the next few weeks things are most likely going to get crazy for you.

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