Fat Cells Never Take A Vacation

messages play it out Sep 13, 2011

New post coming soon, but a couple of quick workout shots from vacation.  Yes, I typically still workout on vacation, but to a lesser degree.

This is me doing Hit the Deck on our patio in Kenya.  I'm dying.  And blaming it on elevation.



And here you can see some elephants just to the right of my shoulder.  They must have confused all my grunting with elephant calls.  I think they were heckling me.



Double back pack workout climbing to the first base camp of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  That's my mom and Bella.



Handbalancing with Tiffany in Maundi Crater with both peaks of Kilimanjaro in the background.  It's sort of a Where's Waldo: we're bottom left.  Very tiny.


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