Six Goal Setting Tips + One Crazy Face

change messages Dec 03, 2011

In still photo grabs I am the female version of Jim Carey - apparently I do nothing other than make crazy faces while I talk.  Good thing I'm a public speaker.

Anyway, here's this month's Health & Fitness segment from NBC KARE 11.  Enjoy!

  • BE SPECIFIC. When deciding on a goal, be as specific as possible.  “Workout 4 times every week” or “Get to bed by 10:00 each night” are better targets than “Exercise more” or “Get more sleep” as you know exactly what you need to do.
  • STAMP IT WITH A DATE & TIME. Decide in advance where and when each activity will take place, then visualize yourself doing it. Studies show this type of planning increases your chances of success by almost 300%!
  • KEEP TRACK AND GO PUBLIC. An accountability system is critical.  Create a daily or weekly log to track whether or not you’ve completed your daily commitments.  I keep track of my workouts on my calendar every week to make sure I hit all of them.  Going public with your goals can also help build accountability – tell as many friends and family members as you can or post them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • EAT IF YOU’RE ON A DIET. There’s a strong link between glucose levels and self-control: no glucose = no willpower. Self-control requires energy from your brain in the form of glucose.  As the body uses glucose, it starts craving sweet things to eat to replace used glucose.  Eat a good breakfast of protein and carbohydrates every morning, have low glycemic snacks, and don’t let yourself get too hungry throughout the day.
  • CREATE OPTIMAL DEFAULTS. Our environments affect the choices we make.  Eating off a smaller plate means you may eat 22% less.  Moving the candy dish from your desk to the other side of the room reduces temptation and pieces eaten.  Portion out snacks instead of eating directly out of a box or bag.  Bring a healthy lunch to work instead of being tempted by things in the cafeteria.  Get a training partner.
  • BE REALISTIC. Be reasonable about what’s possible by starting small and building additional behaviors. You don’t have to meet every goal every time – the key is that you’re gradually improving over time.

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