Positive affirmations to say to yourself

Guided Positive Affirmations: Elevate Your Mindset

confidence mindset positive self-talk Aug 25, 2023

The stories we tell TO ourselves ABOUT ourselves become our reality. Elevate your well-being with this exercise that improves your mindset & internal dialogue. You'll strengthen your self-belief & improve the quality of conversations with the most important person in your life...you.


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Positive Affirmations for Mental Health

I used to get so irked by really cocky, braggadocious athletes. (As someone raised in MN, bragging is very frowned upon. ) I mean…come on. ðŸ™„ But then after being a performance coach for the Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete program, I learned a different side to what was actually going on.

High performing athletes don’t just work on their physical game – they spend a lot of time working with sport psychologists because they know that a huge part of winning is mental. They understand the necessity of controlling the inner voice of self-doubt, fear and negativity when things get stressful.

Serena Williams, who has won more Grand Slam singles titles (23) than any other woman or man during the Open Era in tennis, in addition to 4 gold Olympic medals, running her own line of designer apparel, activism, charity work, and being a mother, is a paragon of being a total badass.

And a big part of her success is her mental toughness. Part of her training is the use of conscious, intentional positive self-talk. Serena regularly writes herself notes that she refers to during match water breaks that read:

“You will move up.”

“You will add spin.”

“You are #1.”

“You will win Wimbledon!”

Muhammad Ali was known for CONSTANTLY talking about being the greatest. But it wasn’t so much about him bragging, it was him making himself believe it. My favorite quotes of his is “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.”

The stories we tell TO ourselves ABOUT ourselves become our reality.

Calling yourself stupid, a pig, or picking yourself apart hurts our sense of self, which goes on to affect our confidence, decision-making, energy, and even our relationships.

Join me for this quick guided exercise to improve the quality of conversations you have with the most important person in your life...you.

1. Choose a positive, empowering statement. You can come up with something yourself or use one of the following:

  • I am enough, I have enough, I have more than enough.
  • I can do hard things.
  • I am grateful for another day of life.
  • I am proud of myself and my achievements.
  • I love and accept myself as I am.
  • I allow myself to make mistakes because they help me to grow.

2. Set a timer for 60 seconds.

3. Close your eyes and repeat your statement out loud or silently to yourself.

4. Practice this daily.

You could create different positive statements to rely on in different situations: when things are difficult at work, when you’re having a down day, when you’re dealing with a difficult person, or when you need to dig down for some extra strength and resilience.

Here’s to quality conversations,


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