Tell me how you use Hit the Deck™!

messages Mar 20, 2009

Have you done it outdoors along with running or walking intervals?

Have you made it in to a game with your children?

Do you do a few cards during the workday as a break?

Are you using the timer to keep track of "Time Outs" for naughty kids?

I want to know from YOU, yes you, how you use Hit the Deck™. Where do you usually do it? How long do you do it for?

In the business world there's the concept of "best practices" - processes and activities that have been shown in practice to be the most effective. Instead of re-inventing the wheel every time, learn from what others are doing effectively.

Exercise can be a challenging endeavor and we need to set ourselves up for success as much as possible. When it comes to exercise, variety is good. Effectiveness is good. Creative thinking to squeeze it in to a busy day is good. Fun is good. Share your exercise best practices!

My goal in establishing a website and blog is to provide as much education, support, inspiration, and help to you as possible. Read the articles I've posted. Ask me a question. I'd love to have a community of people who are working to make themselves better every day. YOU can also be a source of inspiration and education.

Right now: sign in and leave a comment or if that is too dang much work, email me!

I know you're out there and I want to hear from you. Don't wait - do it RIGHT NOW. I've made it as easy as possible - click the links and let me know. It doesn't have to be a novel or an essay. There are a lot of people that can benefit from your ideas or questions.

I'm going to boss you around a little more while I'm at it. Do at least 10 minutes of exercise today. I don't care if it's walking up and down the stairs in your office building. You might go for a walk. Pull a few cards out of your Deck - build some muscle and burn some fat. Ten minutes is not too much to ask when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Can't wait to hear from you...

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