How to Get Unstuck

How to Get Unstuck

happiness mindset Aug 15, 2022

I was recently feeling suuuper stuck - negative, not motivated and not sure what to do about it.

Here's the 1 simple thing I did that created a huge shift and got me moving in the right direction again.

This strategy also helped a lot of my coaching clients get unstuck. So, I'm curious...what's your "smallest thing?"


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The smallest things and getting unstuck

I wanted to talk about something today that has been very relevant for myself, as well as some of my coaching clients. And it's a strategy for when you are just sort of like feeling stuck.

So a question that I often ask my clients is:

What is the smallest thing you can do today to _______ (fill in the blank)?

What is the smallest thing you can do today to take better care of your health?

What is the smallest thing that you can do today to get some energy recovery?

What is the smallest thing that you can do today that's going to give you a sense of work/life balance?

Because I think, of course, we think change has to be big.

It has to be really high impact. And that's a heavy lift if you don't already have some inertia going that can just feel like too much. But to just ask yourself....what's the smallest thing that I can do? Something really tiny can flip things around and create that sense of forward movement.

This all bubbled to the surface when I was having a regular call with one of my friends who is also an amazing coach, Michael Kithcart, and I just said to her….I'm just stuck, I'm just kind of down-in-the-dumps. And she just asked, Jenny, what would make you feel good today? And I was like that is a really good question. Nothing!😆 But it got me thinking about taking my own advice. Just what is one thing that would make me feel good today? And how do I need to feel good today? So I sat down and I came up with 5 things that would make me feel good today. And I thought now, I don't have to do all of these, but if I can just do 1 of these, I know this is actually going to make me feel better and it's going to get me out of this slump or out of this hole that I feel like I'm stuck in.

So I picked 3 that day, but I'll tell you about 2. So #1 was going to sit in the park by my house.

It's a place that brings me joy. And I brought my journal. And the other one was…can you guess?....wait for it…my newly discovered joy of the kaftan. No seriously. A kaftan!

You know, even in the past, I've talked about your 5 daily needs. What do you need each day to really feel good? I'm realizing that sometimes that's a little bit too much. So even ask yourself today, you know what? What would make me happy today? Or what's the 1 smallest thing that I can do to move closer to whatever it is that you want to do or to start feeling the way that you want to feel.

So will you let me know in the comments? What was your 1 easiest thing and what did it do for you?


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