If You’re Busy or You Travel, Raise Your Hand

change messages Apr 26, 2010

If you travel for work or are super busy, you know how challenging it can be to exercise consistently and eat right.  Challenging, but not impossible with a little planning.

As you saw from my last post, I'm pretty diligent about eating intelligently and organically when I can, and my other goal each week is to do 5 quality workouts.

Last week I was in Chicago Sunday through Wednesday, and this morning I left for Tampa and Orlando, and won't be home again until Friday.  Last week I only hit 4 of my 5 workouts.  Lame!  I'm not even going to try and make any excuses.  I was lazy on Saturday.  Pure and simple.  I am hell bent on completing 5 or 6 quality workouts this week.

In order to hit my exercise goal, I work up early this morning to make sure I had time to get all my last minute things done AND still get in a workout.  I got in a run and then left for the airport.  When I got there, I did my usual routine - got some Fresh Wok to go and then filled my reusable water bottle.  I already had nut mix, ostrich sticks (Like beef jerky, but made of ostrich.  Bird breath!) and peanut M&Ms from last week's trip in my briefcase.

On my drive to Tampa from Orlando, I got hungry and was looking for a Chipotle.  No such luck, so I had to do the best I could which was Taco Bell.  I got a chicken burrito and a side of beans.  I ate the burrito and saved the beans in case I couldn't get anything when I got to the hotel.

I ordered a plate of fruit and was really happy with what showed up: I was hoping to go for a walk after sitting on a long flight and then sitting for another hour and fifteen minutes in the car, but it was too late and getting dark.  I needed to get caught up on email (and a blog post!) so I set up a standing work station by setting my laptop on the ice bucket and got to work.

When you add everything up, it's not a bad day.  I took a bit of time and energy to plan how I was going to eat and how I was going to move.  I kept my energy up during a long day of travel, ate fairly well, and exercised.

Little things add up.  We may not be able to eat the BEST or exercise OPTIMALLY, but there are things we can do with just a little bit of planning.

What does your day look like tomorrow?  What are a couple of things you can do from a nutrition and movement perspective?  Plan them!  Put them on the calendar, put a healthy snack in your bag and make yourself a priority!

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