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When I first heard Sheryl Sandberg was releasing a book and project around resiliency, I thought “NO! She’s got more resources and more reach than I do, and I was here first. Gah!”  But then I realized she’s probably the best thing to happen to my speaking in quite some time…because #I’MNOTSHERYL, I have five advantages over her.

  1. I’M MORE AVAILABLE. She’s very choosy about where and when she speaks, has a day job and is busy hanging out with Mark Zuckerberg. I’m not ashamed to say I’m not so choosy.
  2. I’M CHEAPER. Her speaking fee is listed at $100,000 and above. I am substantially less. Who knew I’d ever take pride in being cheap?
  3. I’VE BEEN DOING THIS LONGER. I’ve been researching and speaking on resiliency for over a decade. My formal education is in exercise physiology and psychology. I wrote a book (by myself - unlike Sheryl) that won several national book awards.
  4. I FOCUS ON THE PROFESSIONAL. Her book is based on dealing with personal grief. I start with a professional approach to helping employees build resiliency to stress in their work lives, creating a more engaged, productive, healthy workplace. I then talk about how these skills transfer over to their personal lives.
  5. I’M ROOTED IN SCIENCE AND PHYSIOLOGY. Stress is not a psychology problem – it’s a chemistry one. The stress response triggers chemical changes that radically change the physiology of our bodies and brains. My resiliency model addresses stress from a physiological perspective so you don’t have to deal with the negative psychological effects that happen after. And stress reduction? Good luck! Your job or loved ones are never going to ask less of you. My model of resiliency helps you recover from stress more quickly and efficiently, and raises your threshold for it.

If you are looking for a fantastic speaker to talk about resiliency or women's confidence who is “NOT SHERYL”, I’m your gal!  I’m running the #I’MNOTSHERYL campaign for the next three months. If you secure a booking with me by August 15, 2017, I’ll give you $1,000 discount.

10 Micro Strategies to Boost Your Energy & Resilience

Instead of reaching for that candy bar or cup of coffee, here are 10 QUICK & EASY WAYS you can increase your energy and resilience by changing your chemistry and physiology.


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