Start Your New Year Off Right – Resiliency Challenge Week 1

messages Jan 05, 2014

In honor of the New Year I thought I'd bring back a series of weekly challenges to help improve your resiliency, performance and health.  As I'm finishing the last chapter of my book I'm assembling a large body of research around how to make successful change.

One of the most important things to understand is that using willpower to make change has it's limits.  It's a very quickly exhausted resource and every decision we make in the day eats away at our resolve and self-discipline.  Making a large change to behavior very quickly depletes willpower, so making strategic smaller changes is a more successful strategy.

Each week I'll suggest a new change, but feel free to tweak the challenge and to take your time with it.  All the weekly challenges are located here, so if you'd like to create your own schedule with making change, please do so.  And always, let me know how I can help you!

Real food breakfast ideas:

  • whole grain toast & almond butter - this is the hemp bread I can't live without
  • real yogurt (no sugar or blue colors added) & fresh or dried fruit
  • fruit smoothie made with real yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit (recipe here)
  • natural whole grain cereal with milk or real yogurt
  • granola with milk or real yogurt
  • 100% juice - read the label as many are made of sugar or high fructose corn syrup
  • steel cut oatmeal - takes a while to cook, so make a big batch and reheat
  • cheese and fresh or dried fruit
  • eggs and whole grain toast
  • nuts and fresh or dried fruit

And here's the Tedx Robyn O'Brien video I was talking about. The start is a little slow, but it finishes strong.

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