World’s Simplest Smoothie: 2 Ingredients, 2 Minutes

messages plate it out May 17, 2011

You're in a hurry.  You don't have time for breakfast.  Or do you?

This is the simplest, great tasting smoothie, that takes 2 minutes to make.

You need exactly 2 ingredients:  frozen fruit and yogurt.


FRUIT: We buy these bags of frozen fruit in various flavors - there are even tasty blends of fruits like mangoes, bananas and pineapple.  It's just fruit.  Nothing added.  Our daughter snacks straight out of the bag and can burn through one in 3 days.  .....We lovingly refer to her as the fruit bat.

YOGURT: I'm a huge fan of this low fat French Vanilla yogurt.  Yes, there's a bit of sugar added, but it tastes so good and gives the smoothie a touch of sweetness.  I sometimes make them with regular greek yogurt, but have to add some honey to sweeten it up.  Bottom line, it needs a little kick.  Try and keep added sugars to a minimum without completely sacrificing taste.

BLENDER: This immersion blender is the most used kitchen tool in our house.  It's small but powerful and more importantly, CLEANS UP IN A JIFFY.  Big blenders are too hard to clean quickly.


DIRECTIONS: Put a handful of fruit into the immersion blender.  Put it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds so the fruit is the slightest bit thawed.  Put a glop of

yogurt in.  Add a touch of water.  Blend.  Done.

A good source of protein to start the day (which stabilizes blood glucose and keeps you feeling full) in addition to all the great nutrients in the fruit and yogurt.  If you have kids, this is a great option as well.  Our daughter has these for breakfast most mornings, sometimes as afternoon snacks, and her friends love them too.

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