The PowerHouse Collective: Confidence Takes Vulnerability

confidence Jan 11, 2017

Jessy Muller unabashedly lives life on her own terms, bucking the milestones and timelines we're all "supposed" to be hitting. I have a huge amount of respect for how she moves through the world: she refuses to buy into how society traditionally defines success, the "shoulds" and busyness. Case in point: she bought a 1978 Dodge Commander motor home she is fixing up - with no previous carpentry or automotive skills - and is planning to travel the U.S. on a journey of trust, faith and simplicity.

If you ask me, this requires a huge uterus (notice I didn't say set of balls - courage doesn't belong to just the male genitalia) and according to Jessy, a blend of confidence AND vulnerability. Vulnerability is something that has helped her identify insecurities she could confront and work through. In Jessy's words: "Vulnerability is one of the bravest things - it's a strength to be vulnerable."

I'm curious to know: what is your experience with vulnerability and its connection to confidence? Please leave a comment below.

Here is Jessy's blog A Girl and Her Commander, documenting her grand endeavor. I eagerly await every post to find out what crazy obstacles she's overcome, goals she's accomplished, adventures she's had and what she's learning along the way. You can also follow her on Facebook or Instagram - she's a gifted photographer and artist!

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