Something is Better than Nothing!

change mindset Jul 05, 2022

You get excited about positive change and set a goal. It's going well, until it's not. You stumble a bit...miss the mark...are thinking about giving up.

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Micro Decisions to Keep Moving Forward

I wanted to share a conversation and an idea that I was chatting about with one of my coaching clients this week and the idea is:

Something is better than nothing.

She was setting some stretch goals for herself and getting really frustrated and kind of beating herself up because she wasn't completing them 100%. So the older I get and the more people I work with, I have come to realize that a critical foundation for success is to have this something-is-better-than-nothing mindset. Conversely, we so often get sucked into the all-or-none mindset. And usually what happens is if "all" happens, it's all of the negative behavior. And if "none" happens, it's none of the good behavior.


If your current goal is a 30 minute workout during the day and something happens, do 7.

Something is better than nothing.

If your goal is to eat 5 servings of vegetables every day, do 1 or 2.

Something is better than nothing.

If you committed to X number of minutes of journaling or meditation, and it feels too overwhelming, do 5 minutes.

Life is made up of the small micro decisions that we make on a daily basis.

So my goal, my wish, my urge for you this week, this month, your life is to embrace that something is always better than doing nothing. So….go do something. 👍

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