Which Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

messages play it out Jun 17, 2010

This is a viewer question I recently received.  Tune in to NBC KARE 11 Friday the 18th (tomorrow!) during the 10:00 AM hour to learn the answer!  If you can't tune in, I'll post the link tomorrow as soon as it's up.

On another note....

Yesterday I was running around Lake Nokomis when I heard someone singing quite loudly.  There was a woman sitting at a picnic table near the walking/running path singing "Legs.....legs.....legs......"  I was about to clap (why not?) when she started verse two:  "Jenny says it's all about legs....legs.....legs....".

I was confused and it took me several running strides later to figure out what I had just heard.  It had to have been someone who saw my last Health & Fitness segment on KARE 11 as it was all about exercises for your legs.

To whomever it was, thanks for the song!  I'm sorry I didn't stop to say "hi", but it took me a while to figure out the serenade (too much blood flow to the muscles, not the brain)....

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