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bliss molecules chemistry motivation May 22, 2024

Do you ever fall into a funk and wish there was something you could do to get yourself out of it? I’ve got 4 simple and fun ways to help you change your chemistry – and your mood – in order to actively get you feeling better sooner!

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How to Change Your Mood


Do you ever slip into a funk that moves in for a couple of days that you know is going to pass – because it’s happened before – but wish there was something you could do to make it go away faster?


I’ve got 4 simple and fun ways to help you change your chemistry – and your mood – in order to actively get you feeling better sooner!


Endorphins are a morphine-like substance produced naturally in your body, and they boost your mood and well-being while also reducing stress.


It’s possible for you to access these bliss molecules any time you like – just try any of the following strategies…


1. Strike the Right Note

It’s no wonder music has been an important part of the human experience. Upbeat music stimulates the production of endorphins. And when you add anything active like singing, dancing or playing the instruments yourself, you experience an even stronger surge.


And there’s even a next-level bonus when you experience or play music with others as it also produces oxytocin – our “love” or “connection” hormone.


2. LOL

The second way to get an endorphin rush is through laughing…the kind that leaves you breathless, is contagious and makes your stomach hurt.


Go to a comedy show, surround yourself with funny people, recall a funny memory, or engage in some playful activities.


3. Hang With Your Peeps

You know when you hang out that one group of friends that always cheers you up and makes you feel really connected? Those are endorphins at work!


Being with friends, family, or loved ones helps you experience more positive emotions, laughter, emotional support, you’re reducing stress, and maybe even getting the benefits of physical touch.


4. Make A Move

Exercise is a REALLY effective way of producing endorphins and changing your mood. Find a way you enjoy moving your body and get to it!


Bonus tips:

  • The higher the intensity of the physical activity, the more endorphins you get.

  • Exercising in a group produces a higher level of endorphins.


While I hope you found these strategies relatively easy, if you’re struggling with motivation to get started, read this post or watch this video.


Be well,


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