Need Motivation? Micro Dose with Dopamine!

chemistry energy micro strategies motivation Oct 18, 2022

There’s an easy way to hack your chemistry to create more drive and motivation.

And it’s all made up of Micro Actions that give you Micro Doses of Dopamine - the motivation molecule.

They will pull you and push you to get big things done AND you’ll feel great in the process!🔥


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Need Motivation?

You know what? You don't really struggle with motivation as much as you think you do. You only actually struggle with motivation on a couple of things. In fact, you're actually really good at motivation. Case in point, you got out of bed this morning, you went to work, heck, you even fed yourself.

You know how I know you're a motivated person?

Dopamine, the motivation molecule. It's part of our evolutionary hardwiring that kept us working hard and pushing forward for our survival. This circuitry has been around for thousands of years and all animals have it.  Even the worms!

And just to give you some context……

Dopamine is that feeling you get when you finally answer that email that's been molding in your email inbox for like two weeks. Or when you learn something new. Or you accomplish that big thing…you launch your website, you run a marathon, or maybe you finish that home renovation project.

There are many benefits to this system but did you know you can strategically use it to tackle those things you're struggling with? You can micro dose yourself for motivation by breaking things down into micro actions. And each one of the micro actions is going to produce dopamine, which is then going to keep pushing and pulling you forward.

So here's a real life example of how this works:

I am supposed to be writing content for a digital purpose course that I'm launching, and it just felt too big and too overwhelming and I just was not motivated to do it. Therefore, I wasn’t doing it.  Therefore, it bothered me. So I broke it down into a series of micro actions so that I could get micro doses of dopamine.

So here's what I did:

  • The very first thing was I opened up my calendar and I scheduled in blocks of time that I was going to devote to writing. This was an action aligned with my goal. Bam! I completed it. I got a dose of dopamine.
  • Then I wake up first thing in the morning. No social media, nothing. Hop out of bed, get the coffee, start writing. That was my commitment. I followed through. Dopamine!
  • Then I figured out email's a distraction. So consciously closing out of email helps me to be more focused. So when I would hit that command/Q to close out of email Bam! Dopamine. It's keeping me focused.
  • Then I would write and I would get things done, and then I could see what I did. I'm thinking accomplishment! Dopamine.
  • At the end of the week, I would look back at my calendar and see all those times when I followed through with my commitment. Accomplishment! Dopamine.
  • Then I could see, hey, this week I completed one and a half modules of my course. I get more dopamine. Then when this whole course is done, I'm going to get dopamine.

See what I mean? There are so many opportunities for us to micro dose ourself with dopamine to keep us moving forward, it feels really good, and we make big strides.

So what's the thing that you're struggling to get motivation with?

How can you break it down so that you get micro doses of dopamine?

Complete each micro action, feel the motivation, and the next thing you know, it’s done.

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