Journaling for clarity

Guided Journaling for Clarity & Calm: Your Wellbeing Tool

journaling resiliency stress Aug 18, 2023

Journaling is scientifically shown to reduce anxiety & depression and can be as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy. It can also increase immunity and decrease stress-related doctor visits. Join me for this 90-sec journaling exercise to declutter your mind and improve your well-being.


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Journaling to Improve Mental Health

I’ve done A LOT of wellness practices over the decades…yoga, meditation, exercise, nutrition, therapy, massage…and there was even that stint of basket weaving (dead serious) and bellydancing.

But what I’ve found to be one of the most potent tools for both the mind and the body is journaling. Honestly, it continues to astound me how powerful the simple act of writing can be. And it’s not only been a big part of my personal routine for quite some time, it’s also a cornerstone to the success of my executive coaching practice.

I always feel SO👏 MUCH👏 BETTER👏after just a few minutes of journaling, and there’s a good amount of science that explains why:

  • It increases neural activity in certain parts of our brain, similar to meditation
  • It helps us process change
  • It reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • It improves mood, memory, and self-confidence
  • It boosts our immunity and decreases stress-related doctor visits

There are any number of ways to do it, but one of the most important aspects is to write by hand, as it changes the way our brain processes information. It forces us to slow down for a few minutes…to actually think, reflect, process, and feel. This might sound a little weird, but often times we have no idea what we actually think and feel. (Just ask any of my coaching clients!) We’re often processing so much, so quickly, that what’s going on in our brain is a lot of multi-tasking and reacting.

You can write about what’s on your mind, something you’re worried about, some recent experiences you’ve had, your thoughts, or feelings. You can use a question as a prompt, or you can even draw.

Today I’m going to give you a prompt and I want you to spend 90 seconds (or more if you like) writing your thoughts and feelings on it.

Ready? Just write whatever comes to mind:

“I get through tough times because….”


Why not set your alarm 5 minutes early and start your day with journaling?

Maybe you could spend 5 minutes before going to sleep writing about your day?

Perhaps you incorporate it into your lunch break?

Have a red letter day 😉


P.S. If you want 365 days of journaling prompts, just click here!

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