How to Boost Energy: Shutting the Best Possible Way

burnout energy Apr 18, 2022

Most of you are stuck in the "on" position and have no idea how to shut down to recapture energy.

And if you do, you often feel weird or guilty about it. Ironically, it causes you stress!

Watch this video for 3 steps for shutting down more often.


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Small confession:

I have no idea how to turn off my iPhone.

Because I simply have never had to do it.

Can you relate?

And you know what else we also don't know how to turn off?


A lot of you ask me, how do I expand my capacity? How do I figure out how to get more things done in a day? And after having conversations, what we come to discover is the last thing you need is to figure out how to do more.

What you really need is to figure out how can you do less.

A lot of us have no idea how to shut down. And if we try to shut down, it actually creates more stress because we're just not used to it. It's a habit to just be in go-mode or we feel guilty. We feel like we should always be productive. And if we're not doing something productive, something's wrong. It instantly creates anxiety.

So today, I am giving you permission to shut down.

And in fact, I'm actually telling you to shut down occasionally. So…

  1. I want you to recognize the need to occasionally shut down.
  2. I want you to figure out what does that look like for you?
  3. I want you to drop the guilt about doing less.

So that's my challenge this week.

Not more.

Can you do it? 👍


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