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The Simplest Way to Cure Your Burnout burnout energy micro recovery micro strategies Nov 29, 2023

Ever wonder why some people breeze through the week and are still going strong on Friday night, while others are exhausted and barely make it home to the couch? Get ready to unleash a new level of energy!  

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Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Unwind & De-Stress in 2 Minutes energy resiliency self care stress Aug 07, 2023

Join me for this 2-minute guided escape from the hustle and bustle! By strategically engaging all your senses, you'll strengthen your ability to get centered and focused despite the chaos and swirl of your day. Are you ready for some inner serenity?


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How to Go From Burnout to Bloom burnout energy Apr 12, 2023

Our lives can be stressful. And challenging. But we have the power to give ourselves what we need to thrive...especially when we take our cues from biology & nature.

Watch to see what the super bloom has to do with you and your ability to live in full, vivid color.


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Who is the most important person in your life? boundaries burnout energy self care Feb 27, 2023

Biologically, you have a finite amount of resources to operate with each day, so taking care of yourself isn’t a matter of being selfish. It's actually the opposite.

Watch this video and then ask yourself, What stories are you telling yourself about taking care of you and your needs?


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How to Reduce Overwhelm in Your Life burnout energy mindset purpose Nov 21, 2022

The world is loud and chaotic, with a never-ending stream of people and things DEMANDING your time and energy. It can feel frenetic, stressful, and impossible to achieve.

Here's how you can reduce overwhelm in your life.


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