How to create more time for yourself

How to Create More Time

energy purpose self care stress Nov 15, 2022

While it feels like there’s never enough time to do the things we want or need, many of us are actually going about this all wrong.

Here’s what science has to say about a better solution and how you can start using it right away.


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Never Enough Time

Time. We want more. We need more.

There's never enough.

And a lot of you are juggling way too much.

I hear from a lot of you that you're spending a lot of time doing the things that you really don't want to be doing, which leaves you zero time for doing the things that you actually want. And then you think the problem is “I just need to figure out how to expand my capacity to do more.” You want to be taking action on the things that are really important to you, but you're not sure how.

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This time thing is a problem that we all have. So I wanted to touch on it today and give you a couple of things to think about because it's not actually what we think it is.

It's science.

And it's been proven, believe it or not, by Legos. A few years ago, a scientist by the name of Leidy Klotz was playing Legos with his son on the floor, and they were building a bridge. And one of the sides of the support was bigger and the other was shorter.

And as Leidy turned his back to grab another Lego to add to the shorter side, his son quickly reached over and pulled the block out. Hmmmm. Light bulb moment. So the scientist began to wonder....and through many experiments later, and the cover of the journal, Nature, he has proven our innate tendency to almost always use addition when solving problems.

Which is crazy when you think about it! Our brains love to add. Rarely does it love to subtract. It's just not in our hardwiring.

With this new perspective in mind, let's rewind back to the original problem of never having enough time.

So the next time you feel like you don't have enough time, instead of asking yourself, What can I add? I want you to think about, What can I take away?

The answer is doing less. The answer is subtraction.

We need to start turning down the pipeline instead of drinking from a firehose. So what are some things on your to do list you could stop doing? What might you say no to? Maybe you can put it on pause, delegate or outsource?

This week, take a look. Choose 1-3 things that you can subtract. Maybe you ask your kids to do the dishes. Maybe you resign from a community or professional board. Maybe you decide to get your groceries delivered or you subscribe to a meal prep service.

We all need help with this. So I have a free tool that I want to share with you on how to say no. You can find this free resource here:  

Because in order to build the life that we truly want, it's not about doing more sometimes it's about doing less.

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