How to Make Change Easier

change micro strategies play it out Mar 07, 2022

We have a tendency to underestimate the power of small especially when it comes to change. In reality, it's small, subtle change over time that add up to big gains.

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How to make change easy(ier)

In life, we experience both big and small changes, and for whatever reason, I think we have a tendency to feel like it's the big changes that really lead to the most difference. In reality, it's the accumulation of small, subtle changes over time.

Micro Changes

These really are the most significant and we see this happening in the world around us. It's small. It's subtle. It's imperceptible. So a lot of times we just don't even notice. So this idea that small changes don't make a difference is total bull$!@#.

We underestimate small change.

Small Micro Changes don't trigger the stress response, and they're more sustainable and make us more successful over the long term.

Micro Change adds up

So, think about this:

  • If you just did 2 Micro Bursts a day, that's 12 hours of additional exercise per year.
  • If you skipped hitting the snooze alarm, that’s 55 hours of sleep that you can get back in a year’s time.
  • If you decided to forego the cream and enjoy the flavor of just the coffee. That's 36,500 calories that you can save in a year.
  • If you want to learn something new…just even reading 10 pages a day would be 15 books per year!

So what is one tiny Micro thing that you're going to do today?

Then you're going to do it again tomorrow.
Then you're gonna do it the next day after that.

And it's going to make massive, awesome change!


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