How to deal with feeling overwhelmed

How to Reduce Overwhelm in Your Life

burnout energy mindset purpose Nov 21, 2022

The world is loud and chaotic, with a never-ending stream of people and things DEMANDING your time and energy. It can feel frenetic, stressful, and impossible to achieve.

Here's how you can reduce overwhelm in your life.


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How to stop feeling overwhelmed

Our world is loud and chaotic. There are so many things that are clamoring and demanding our time and our energy. People want things. People need things. They need them now. Your boss needs you. Your family needs you. You need you. It just keeps getting louder and bigger and faster.

And you CAN stop it.

When you get clear on your values, your beliefs, and your sense of purpose, there is a beautiful silence that happens where all you really see and all you really hear are the things that are actually important to you.  So there's less of this sense of chaos and overwhelm and being reactive. You are very clear on who and what should be getting your time, attention and energy and who and what should not.

It is so important to get and stay clear on who and what should be getting your energy and then start making more decisions in alignment with those things. Because so much of our stress and overwhelm and exhaustion comes from doing things that are not related to meaning and purpose.

So how do we get clear on our values, beliefs and our purpose?

There's a lot of different ways to do it, but a lot of it has to do with inner reflection.

And here's 2 questions that I want to give you for you to think about, for you to write about, for you to have conversations about:

#1 When do you respect yourself the most?

#2 When do you respect yourself the least?

So thinking about times when you respect yourself the most, for example, it could be that you made a commitment privately to yourself that you were going to work out and then you followed through. This created a sense of self-respect. Or maybe you stood up for someone or something that you really believe in. Or maybe you used your voice. In these moments, you really respected yourself, and that sense of respect really comes from living in alignment with what you believe to be true and important. And those times when we don't respect ourselves very much, it's highly likely that we lack that respect because we didn't do something that was aligned with our values, our beliefs and our purpose.

Getting clear on your values, beliefs and purpose is an ongoing, lifelong experience. You are never done, and it does take some of your focused energy.

(And if this is something that you're struggling with or you really want to get more clarity on, I am really excited to be offering some help. My new Ignite Your Purpose course gives you all the tools and strategies for getting clarity as well as how to start taking action that is more in alignment with what's really important to you.)

 Because this is your one wild and precious life….

Live it with purpose.

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