Take Control of Your Stress

chemistry play it out stress May 17, 2022

Stress happens to all of us, but it doesn't have to get the best of you. Here's how to take control of your stress and be more resilient.


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Stress is a chemical event that radically changes our chemistry and our physiology.

And it really goes back to our biological, evolutionary, hard-wiring system.

So let's just say we happen to be having a good day. Nothing terrible has happened. But because it's the time that it is, something freaky happens, triggers your stress response and immediately stress hormones, cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline, come squirting and spraying all over your insides. And one of the things that these stress hormones do is they trigger our body to release energy into the bloodstream to immediately fuel our muscles for a short burst of intense physical activity, either fighting or fleeing.

Now, when we get this short burst of intense physical activity, it actually burns off those stress hormones and then produces another set of hormones. And what these do is they slow things back down. They neutralize the stress response, and they return our body and brain back to a state of balance.

The end of a stressful event is that we're actually back to a state of balance.

If we do this one critical step that I call Play It Out, that short burst of intense physical activity, the fighting or the fleeing, that actually transforms our chemistry from stressed back to a state of balance.

This is a beautifully designed system.

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