Women are working harder than men and they’re burned out.

Why your female leaders are struggling and what you can do about it

burnout stress women Mar 07, 2024

“It’s like my husband is an artist in residence.”


This was my coaching client Sandra’s (not her real name) response after making a list of all the responsibilities she had as communications manager, wife, and mother (see below)



and comparing it to her husband’s (see below).



Whoa. She was fed up and angry.


Not to mention stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and stretched thin.


And she’s not alone. Sociologists have shown women do more of the intellectual, mental, and emotional work of

  • running a household

  • childcare

  • organizing and delegating (managing schedules, keeping track of buying more toilet paper, what to cook for dinner)

  • researching after school programs, pediatricians, sports activities, etc….

  • taking care of aging parents


And when this is coupled with the regular stresses of their demanding jobs PLUS THE EXTRA STRESSES OF

  • feeling isolated when they’re one of the “only” females at the top

  • navigating the double bind of competence and likeability - women can be seen as one, but not both

  • being authentic in male-dominated environments.

  • gender-based stereotypes

  • unequal pay

  • microaggressions like being mistaken for someone more junior or comments on their emotional state


Women are working harder than men and they’re burned out.


In fact, more than 50% of women who manage teams say they are often or almost always burned out, and almost 40% have considered leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers. (McKinsey Women in the Workplace)


Since your women leaders and managers are being faced with significantly more stresses and demands, it only makes sense for them to be given more tools and support to master these challenges.


Our Resiliency Academy for Female Leaders will help your women improve their:

  • Stress

  • Mindset

  • Engagement

  • Confidence

  • Workload capacity

  • Energy

  • Focus & productivity

  • Quality of work

  • Change management skills

  • Work/personal life integration


You can see more details here, but I’d love to discuss how our Resiliency Academy can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization's female leaders and managers, and fueling your business’ success.

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