What makes me feel raw, vulnerable and question myself

confidence resiliency uncategorized Mar 29, 2021

I'm letting you in on a conversation with my good friend/speaker/coach Dominick Quartuccio. We have the BEST talks...about life, love, loss, things most private, business, successes, failures and whatever's going on in our lives. We get into a lot in this video, so make a bowl of popcorn, get comfortable and see:

  • when I feel the most raw, vulnerable and question myself
  • a recent period of my life where I had an identity crisis and panic attacks
  • how an exercise of focusing on positivity actually made things WORSE
  • me question how to know when you've given your stress or problems enough time to process vs. moving on
  • how I don't always have it all together
  • me. Being totally open and honest!

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