Give Yourself the Benefit of the Doubt

What’s Your Probability of Failure? of Success?

confidence expectations mindset Nov 01, 2022

When it comes to a navigating a challenging situation, do you give yourself the benefit of the doubt or assume it'll be a disaster?

I recently bumped up against this question and had a big realization around confidence & self-doubt.

Here’s a different way to think.


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Taiko Class
3 months ago….

So the instructor asks, "We need one more person. Who's volunteering?" And the whole class just stood there. So I thought, okay, Jenny, there's one way to find out if you can do this or not. I did the quick math and thought this really comes down to basic probability.

And the chance of something good happening is equal to the chance of something bad happening.

So off I go to give it a shot. The best way to learn is to put yourself on the line. Right?

Why have we perfected this habit of self-doubt where we just will automatically assume that we won't be able to do something? I mean, as adults, we've settled into this way of thinking of whether we're going to be capable of this or not.

Remember that old saying:

Experience is the best teacher?

Well, subconsciously, we've all known this all along. When we grew up, we knew this to be true. When we were kids, we learned to crawl, learned to walk, then run, then ride a bike. (And people even cheered us on.🙌) We basically jumped up, jumped in and tried. But now, somewhere, somehow along the way, we lost that ability.

Question: What would happen if we decided to reclaim this? What would happen if you always gave yourself the benefit of the doubt?

Answer: We would take more risks. We would have breakthroughs. We would learn. And we would move forward. (Not to mention the confidence that comes with each time we do this.)

So notice the next time there's an opportunity for you to try something new, for you to put yourself out there.

And give yourself the benefit of the doubt and see what happens.

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