Are You Tired of Feeling Tired? Here's How to Have More Energy!

energy micro minute micro strategies resiliency Feb 21, 2022

If you struggle with feeling tired all the time, here's a 60-second strategy to boost your energy.


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Q: How can we all have a little more energy?

A: Move a little and move often.

Sitting is energy recovery at first, but over time it actually decreases your energy because it slows the flow of your blood. So less energy, oxygen and glucose from your bloodstream is getting to your brain and body. Get up and move for a few minutes at least once every hour, if not more. And it doesn't have to be anything crazy. Go grab a drink of water. Go do a quick task in another part of the house or office, even standing up for a minute or two counts.

Q: Do you need more ways to incorporate movement while working?

A: Whether you’re working from home, back in the office or hybrid, you’d be surprised at how much movement you can incorporate into your job—and how easily.

  • Get an office chair that doesn’t roll. This means you automatically have to stand up to get things just out of reach.
  • Use an exercise ball as your chair.
  • Make a rule that if you can see or hear someone, you have to walk over there instead of emailing or texting. Actually, you may be able to gather more information in a shorter amount of time than if you tried to clarify things through multiple emails or texts. (Who doesn’t want to cut down on the endless emails, anyway?)
  • Remember that printing something is your cue to take a “movement break” to go get it. Make a special trip—don’t leave it sitting there until you have some other trip to make.
  • On the phone = on your feet. Talking = walking. Make being on the phone your cue to stand up. Stand up and pace around your office, workspace, or around the block while talking.
  • Conduct walking meetings when there are one to three people in attendance.
  • Have standing meetings, get rid of chairs, or designate standing and sitting times.
  • Schedule time for both movement and snack breaks during long meetings.
  • Utilize standing workstations - no standing workstation? You can create one simply by setting a laptop on a cardboard box and voilà!

What’s one way you can incorporate more movement tomorrow?


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