5 ways to find more peace

How to Find More Peace

boundaries change energy mindset purpose Feb 21, 2024

If I offered you $1 million dollars, but you’d have to give up your sense of peace, would you take it?


If I gave you the top of the line version of your dream car, but you had to sacrifice your peace, would you accept it?


If you could have the house of your dreams, but you had to trade your peace for it, would you do it?


I’m guessing your answers to these questions would be no.


What if I offered you the opportunity for an intense job with long hours, some travel (and lots of spreadsheets), credit card debt, a mortgage on an 1,800 sq ft home (that needs a new roof), some minor health issues, a difficult relationship with a child, paid you $59,428 (the average US salary) and it would require you to sacrifice your peace, would you take me up on it?


I’m guessing your answer to this option would also be no.


But what I just described sounds like what could be the average person.


How many of us are sacrificing our peace on a daily basis for things that aren’t worth the price?


Here are 5 ways to find more P.E.A.C.E.


P: Pursue your own definition of success. When we’re doing things because we’re ‘supposed to’ or in order to keep up with the Jones’, they’re highly likely to rob us of our peace. Be clear on how YOU define success in your life.

  • What brings you the most satisfaction or fulfillment?

  • And how can you do more of it?

E: Everything has an expiration date. Change is a fact of life. If you’re going through something difficult, it’s not going to last forever. If you’re enjoying something wonderful, it’s also not going to last forever. When you’re struggling or frustrated, know that it will eventually pass. And when you’re experiencing the good times, be mindful, be present, and enjoy them while they’re happening.

I love this idea so much I'm actually thinking of getting something like this as a tattoo. What do you think?

A: Access your best energy. Tap into sources of positivity and pull the plug on things that breed negativity. Jot down what’s going well in your life right now, or what you’re grateful or excited for. Spend more time with people who fill your soul and less time with those that drain you. Give less of your life to social media.

C: Connect. Social connection isn’t just fun (said the extrovert), it increases our social, emotional AND physical wellbeing! And there’s a difference between being “connected” (social media, Zoom, WhatsApp) and experiencing “connectedness” (a feeling of belonging to a group or community). Foster as many deep, meaningful connections as you can.

  • Who can you reach out to today? Get something on the books!

E: Establish boundaries. Have clear boundaries on who/what will get your time and energy and who/what will not. Saying yes to something you want to say no to breeds incredible amounts of resentment – one of the most toxic emotions. Here are a few phrases you can use to have more or better boundaries:

  • “My plate is as full as I’d like it to be.”

  • “I’m good, but thank you.”

  • “Yes, I can take on this assignment - what other responsibility would you like me to put on hold?”

  • “I can’t make it, but I appreciate the invitation.”

What have I missed? What helps bring you more peace in your life? Let me know!

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