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How to Find More Peace boundaries change energy mindset purpose Feb 21, 2024

If I offered you $1 million dollars, but you’d have to give up your sense of peace, would you take it?


If I gave you the top of the line version of your dream car, but you had to sacrifice your peace, would you accept it?


If you could have the house of your dreams, but you had...

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How to Get (AND STAY) Motivated boundaries motivation purpose Nov 06, 2023

Ever feel stuck in a motivational slump? I was neck deep in one over the summer. It was baaaad. And then I stumbled on something that TOTALLY shifted things for me. Try this super simple strategy to rediscover your productivity and get back on track today.


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The Power of Because: How to Win at Boundary-Setting boundaries Apr 03, 2023

Do you need to put your foot down and set some boundaries? Well guess what? One word is all you need.

In this video, we reveal the power of the word "because" when making requests, even if your reason is a total load of baloney. Plus, we'll share the research that proves it actually works!


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Who is the most important person in your life? boundaries burnout energy self care Feb 27, 2023

Biologically, you have a finite amount of resources to operate with each day, so taking care of yourself isn’t a matter of being selfish. It's actually the opposite.

Watch this video and then ask yourself, What stories are you telling yourself about taking care of you and your needs?


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What is Quiet Quitting? And is this You or Someone on Your Team? boundaries burnout resiliency Aug 29, 2022

I go on a bit of a rant on what Quiet Quitting is REALLY about.

Watch to see what's causing it and get some tactical strategies for both employees and leaders to address it.

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What is Quiet Quitting Really?

(I go on a bit of a rant here, so...

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